Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008: Take One

Thanksgiving at Husband's parents' house on Turkey Day. My parents were invited over for the meal. We ate too much and laughed just enough!

The table was set with Mother-In-Law's lovely china.

Cornish game hens! They were delicious...and huge...I felt just a little bit bad because it seemed like eating baby turkeys.

Sitting down to the big meal. I seem to be the only one that looks marginally happy...

After dinner we went for a walk and got a picture with my mommy.

Brother-In-Law hug!

Perhaps this is why Husband could use several thousand dollars worth of chiropractic work...

Our second Thanksgiving together as married people!

Brother-In-Law and the family dog, Kasey. Otherwise known as The Greatest Picture Ever.

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