Monday, March 2, 2009

The Ides of March

So, I don't really remember exactly when the Ides of March is (March 15?) or what it entails; I just know that it is bad. March is an unpredictable, sloppy month. It could still snow. It will probably rain. You're bound to get muddy one way or the other.

Now I have another reason to dislike March. One week from today I will be flat on my back, (hopefully) completely unconscious, having my poor little wisdom teeth ripped from my head - all four of them. If you can't tell, I'm not exactly excited about it.

While I'm not looking forward to the procedure in the least, I can honestly say that I will be happy to have the whole experience over with, never to be repeated. I can tell my four teeth are starting to poke through, and they have been really hurting these last few weeks (although I'm convinced that's just psychological; they didn't hurt too much before I scheduled the appointment and started dreading the date).

I'm the wimpiest of wimps. I've never broken a bone or even had my blood drawn. I could barely bring myself to pull my own teeth when I was a child. Often, the dentist would have to pull them for me (somehow that was better...). I never really feared the dentist, in spite of years of braces, but I've also never had a cavity filled or any other major dental work done. The worst dentist visit I can remember was when he was about to pull one of my baby teeth. I started that annoying, high-pitched squeal children expel when they're about to burst into tears. He smacked me on the shoulder and said sharply, "Stop that!" I was so shocked that he hit me that I immediately stopped crying, my tooth was pulled, and I bounced out of the office with my sticker and new toothbrush.

I think I probably have a false impression of the wisdom tooth extraction aftermath because of Husband. He was terribly sick from the pain medication and looked like the most pathetic of chipmunks for days (and he only had two pulled!). On the opposite side of the spectrum, a dear friend of mine had her wisdom teeth extracted recently, and she was back to work the next day!

I really don't think I have that kind of dedication...but I sure hope I get a sticker next Tuesday...


Ravinok said...

It ended up tasting bad for me...but the pain meds were sure good!

Diosthocles said...

My bottom wisdom teeth are out and aboot but my the top ones never came out. I need to get them taken out as well but I keep putting it off seeing as how my bottom ones don't bug me in the least.

It was funny when my brother got them taken out. He was so out of it that I don't think be remembers anything after the removal.

I'm good with pain. I once had a cavity filled with no anesthesia. My choice of course.

I only get wimpy and baby-like when I get sick.

Kyle said...

I had dry sockets twice, since I had my bottom set removed then my top set. I also had just had my braces put on the first round.

What got me the most was my allergy to the anesthesia they used, then hydrocodone makes me horribly sick. Why couldn't I have gotten the good stuff...

Lester said...

15th, and it was the day Julius Ceasar was assassinated.