Monday, March 16, 2009

Off kilter

This past week and weekend were strange and have thrown me rather off kilter, so I'm trying to play catch-up. I didn't end up working Tuesday-Friday, so I have a mountain of work piled up (which I really should be...uhm...working on instead of blogging, but I am the master of my own misery).

As an aside, I'm almost off chocolate pudding and don't care if I never again drink another milk chocolate Ensure.

Thanks in part to my wisdom tooth removal and mostly to our home renovations, I awoke this morning to find my wallet weeping tears of pure sorrow. The amount of money we spent this past week/weekend is sickening.

But we got a helluva lot of cool shit.

Apart from the pricey surgery (thanks, dental insurance...I'll be dropping you soon!), Husband purchased two guns, a shotgun and a pistol, because I am afraid of a zombie invasion and he is afraid of the government-subsidized apartments that are next to our new house. I'm not thrilled with the idea of guns in our house (they will be locked away when we reproduce), but I will feel just a little bit safer when the hordes of brain-eating undead come knocking on our door.

We also finally ordered new cabinets for our kitchen, which, unfortunately, only totaled about half of our final bill at one of the giant hardware stores. We also purchased vanities, tile, lighting, and countless other pieces necessary to make our house a home (and, admittedly, some unnecessary pieces). We're still fine on our budget (thanks, Obama!), but we still need to purchase our bamboo flooring and kitchen appliances. It feels like we're making progress, though, simply because our living room is stuffed with things waiting for installation.

Now is the part of the blog that I would post thirteen thousand pictures of the minutiae of our renovations, except that my camera told me the battery was "exhausted" yesterday, so instead, here is a picture of a cute kitten in a sweater.


Blind, Irish Pirate said...

When all else fails...

Lester said...

Kitty ^_^

Also yay for getting better! Make sure to avoid the spicy food for a while longer though.

RE: zmobie attacks

You guys have left4dead yet?

Kyle said...

I play Left 4 Dead :)

Katherine said...

It's cute how you include me in the video game ownership question;-) Look at the adorable Lester pretending like I know what Left 4 Dead is ;-)

Lester said...

:-P My steam ID is Feantari. Feel free to poke me if I'm around.

...Zac and Ashlie... said...

Miss Kitten,
:) Welcome to gun ownership! I'm so proud, haha. Has Kyle taken you to a gun range to show you how to work those puppies?! It's a good skill to know how to use them if, God-forbid, you're ever faced with a Zombie attack, or... normal live dangerous person trying to break into your house...Whatever the case may be. :)Plus, it would make for a nice blog, be sure to include pictures! Haha :)
Love ya!