Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Come on, new cabinets, no whammy, no whammy, no whammy, STOP!

It appears the United States is about to hurl itself headfirst into an unimaginable pile of debt. Like Scrooge McDuck, only opposite.

A picture of the United States, except take away the gold and precious jewels and imagine that safe being empty. Image from here.

At least we're all going to profit, in some way, in the short term (click here to see what an economy in the crapper will get you). Make less than $70,000? Here, have a $500 tax credit. Planning to buy a new car in 2009? Go ahead and deduct the interest you pay on your car loan as well as the sales tax charged in the purchase. Acquiring a new home? Take this $15,000 tax credit and don't worry about paying us back. We're square.

It's that last bit that I'm personally banking on (HA! you see what I did there?). In honor of this unfettered spending spree to jumpstart a car with no wheels (the economy, get it?), here's my dream purchase that I could now possibly afford, just maybe, with fingers and toes crossed:

NEW CABINETS, BABY! I absolutely love the craftsman/shaker style. Such simple lines and classic elegance without a lot of superfluous gingerbread.

Our current kitchen cabinets are...fine...aside from the thick plastering of cat hair and the not-so-functional layout. I had fully intended to just slap some paint on the old cabinets, but with the new tax credit, our budget might now be able to include something more beautiful and useful. If we're going to have an awesome quartz countertop (see Orgasm), it would be almost criminal not to get something equally pretty to hold that countertop up. At least, that's the argument I'm planning to use on Husband.

In the meantime, enjoy your potential government windfall and just try to ignore that whole no Social Security when we're 62 thing.

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