Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To the dog that kept us up since 3:30 a.m.:

We know it isn't your fault that you barked and cried and whined all night, for the past several nights. We know you aren't to blame for Husband's already sleep-deprived state because he had to work for 18 hours the day before. We blame your stupid owners who are immature with too many kids and too little class and self-respect and respect for others. They are the ones that leave you outside all day, every day, alone, tied on your ridiculously short leash with no shelter and no attention until you are shivering and caked in mud. We called the police. We tried to help you. Maybe someday soon you'll be rescued from your stupid owners and they will be put down. We think that would be nice.

Your sleep-deprived neighbors


Blind, Irish Pirate said...

Um, I seriously just choked.

You crack my shit up.

KittyMarie said...

I was thinking of you and your recent baby crying post as I lay awake and as I wrote this post. Love you and your witty insight:)