Monday, February 16, 2009

My hatred runs deep...

We have finally made one of the most important choices in our entire life.

Marriage, you ask? Nah, been there, done that.

The purchase of a house, possibly? Dude, see above.

Children, perhaps? Don't count on it, buddy.

No, the conclusion we have reached is the all-important choice of Living Room Wall Color. Introducing: Holly Glen, Pebble Beige, and Ultra White.

WHAT? What do you mean they're boring? Believe me, in person, away from the grossly inadequate work of a cheap scanner, they are beautiful. The green is not so terrifyingly forest-like and will adorn a single accent wall, highlighting the love of our life, the television. The beige is soft and creamy and will be painted on the remaining three walls and continue up the stairs, creating an airy feel. And the white is crisp and stunning, to be placed on all of the trim in the house for clean, beautiful lines. Okay, so maybe they're not hot pink and neon blue, but I think they will work out quite nicely, thankyouverymuch. Either way, these colors will facilitate the most important part of our entire renovation: the eradication of our couch pillows.

I really, really, REALLY hate these pillows. They came with the couch. Usually, I love red. These pillows, however, disgust me. I don't know why. Probably some deep seated issues that will require years of therapy. Or, maybe the following fabrics will erase these pillows from my psyche. I'm planning to con my mother into slip covering the ugly existing pillows in BEAUTY. Observe:

Twill water lotus in spinach. The bright blue might not go so well, but I love the bold, contemporary pattern. Also, I love the word "lotus." Is that reason enough to purchase a fabric?

Pegasus. I don't know what a Greek winged horse has to do with fabric, but look at the pretty! These make me think of olives. While I don't personally like to eat olives, anything that reminds me of food is a good thing. Isn't the green striking?

Frisbee mink. This is a similar pattern to the olives above, but is a little more wonky and fun. Possibly my least favorite of the batch, but still light years better than the current Ugly.

Twill wood fern in moss. There's something soothing and organic about this fabric. I could nap on this, no problem.

And finally, Jacquard Damask. It's no secret that damask may be my one true love. I think the black and cream color in this fabric would be very graphic against the tan and green wall and couch colors. Good enough to eat.


Kyle said...

That's fancy and all, but I say we go with Star Wars themed rooms ;)

KittyMarie said...

Hmm...I will take it into consideration, but I'm afraid my vote will really have to go for a Family Guy theme...

GeorgeDubya said...

I shall be the voice of reason and suggest a compromise. Go with the Blue Harvest Episode theme.

That way Kyle gets his Star Wars, Kitty gets her Family Guy, and everyone is happy.

KittyMarie said...