Friday, February 6, 2009

Renovations_Day 1

Last night after dinner we tackled our first real evening of renovating the house. I felt like we got a good start. Husband and Father-in-Law scraped ugly wallpaper border while I filled bags with trash and separated recycling from items we could potentially sell at a garage sale or something.

This mask is my new best friend. I felt a little silly trotting around with this thing on my face, but it virtually eliminated my clogged-lungs-can't-breathe-slowly-asphyxiating feeling. Plus, with all the dust I kicked up, it was truly a lifesaver. Please note the horrific bathroom wallpaper border in the background. On purple walls. There's apparently no accounting for taste.

It was a little eery cleaning out the cabinets. I kind of felt like the previous owners had suddenly died and I was erasing their life's possessions. Who seriously leaves their toothbrush? Gross. I also found a random ceramic painted rooster in the vanity cabinet. I don't know what these people were into, but...

This delightful coat rack (?) is located in our garage. Every single coat hook is different. No, I don't know why.

This is (part of!) the recycling I segregated from the trash. The previous owner also left us two half empty bottles of wine. Thoughtful.

The fruit of my labor: Six bulging contractor's bags full of trash. Plus a random sign and half a rake. These are the reason I slept so well last night. Also the reason I immediately took a shower when I returned to our current abode. I wonder when the moment will come when I walk into our new house and don't instantly feel dirty.

Our inheritance: These are the belongings left by the previous owners that I deemed sellable. Some garage sale goer will want a brand new briefcase, a teapot, and some shower curtains, right?!

Father-in-Law peeling off some of the living room's ugly wallpaper border. They didn't paint the walls; they just put up border. Freaking everywhere. *shudders*

Husband following in his father's footsteps. This is our master bedroom and one of the few rooms with painted walls. And more border.

This weekend I am looking forward to more renovations. My dream is to have all of the carpet extracted from the home by the end of the two days. We'll see if that actually becomes a reality.

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