Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here's my list. Because I'm a lemming.

I posted this list in a note on Facebook and am posting it here, too, because I'm extra lazy and SOME of you, I won't point any fingers (*points finger blatantly at Diosthocles*), don't have Facebook. So, I give you: More Facts You Didn't Ask for in the First Place.

1. I am named after Lake Katherine in Wisconsin. My parents owned a cabin on that lake, and my father announced that my name would be Katherine Marie right after I was born. This was the first my mother had heard of the news.
2. I am an only child.
3. My parents had me late in life. My kindergarten teacher called my Dad “Grandpa” when he picked me up from school one day.
4. I have one set of living grandparents. However, my paternal grandmother died just a few months shy of her 101st birthday.
5. The biggest fish I ever caught was on Lake Katherine a few summers before I was married. It was a muskie and was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life. I would have liked to have it stuffed and mounted, but we ate it, which was still okay with me.
6. I had asthma as a child and remember some really terrible attacks. Thankfully, I grew out of it, but I still don’t have any lung capacity.
7. The limited lung capacity probably doesn’t help the fact that I do not enjoy exercising. Also, the sweat. I hate sweating.
8. I am a very shy, introverted person. I think I come off as snobby to new people I meet, but I’m really just afraid to speak to them. I think I have sub-par social skills.
9. I absolutely hate tanning, and it grosses me out. Sunscreen is my friend, and I love my pasty complexion.
10. I graduated from college in 3 years instead of 4. When I would tell people I was graduating early, their response was consistently, “Why?” That really, really, really annoyed me.
11. One of my minors in college was French. I lived in Aix en Provence and Paris for 5 weeks the summer before my senior year of high school, and it was an amazing experience.
12. I would love to take Kyle to France and would also like to travel much more extensively in Europe and Asia.
13. Kyle and I bought our first home in January. It is everything we wanted: 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, with a deck, a porch, a 2 car garage, and a large basement (the basement was what I really wanted). We are so excited to fix it up and really make it ours!
14. One of my favorite activities is scrapbooking and making cards. The house has a bonus room that is going to be my craft room, and I cannot wait to start crafting!
15. I love books, but I hardly ever make time for reading. This is something I want to work on more.
16. What doesn’t help my lack of reading time is that I watch too much television. I’m looking forward to curbing this habit when Kyle and I move into our own home. We are planning to have the most basic of cable, and Netflix is our new best friend.
17. I never leave the house without mascara on.
18. My first car was a yellow Volkswagen bug. I loved that car so much, but I traded it in for a responsible four door car. At least it’s red.
19. My dream job would be to come up with names for nail polish colors.
20. When I was young I had a ridiculously large nail polish collection, probably over 300 bottles. I still have them all in a tote in my parents’ house, but I hardly ever wear nail polish anymore.
21. I took piano lessons when I was a child and played the clarinet in band. I quit both eventually, but wish my parents had forced me to continue my piano lessons (against my will, at the time).
22. I have never had my blood drawn, been under anesthesia, broken any bones, or had stitches.
23. A few of those facts will change next month when I have my wisdom teeth removed.
24. Lately, I have been thinking more and more about having children. I am actually beginning to look forward to starting our family in the next few years.
25. I feel like the most blessed person in the world to be married to my best friend. There is no one else in the entire world that I like being around more.

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