Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Now I'm just being lazy...

I love how my blog has become a random mash-up of images in every. single. post. I guess just be glad I'm posting at all, beotches.

Husband is planning to purchase a new desk for his home office. It's his very own space and I want him to get whatever he would like. As long as it's pretty. I found the following desk at Overstock. com. This desk could NOT get any cooler.

My random desk searching inevitably led to random bedspread searching. I don't think this bedspread would quite work with the slate blue color we've tentatively picked out for the master, but it's still lovely. And very comfy looking. And bubbly. It tickles my nose.This looks equally comfy. Buttercream and grey. Yum.Bedspreads led to rugs for our living room. I've noticed I have a possibly unhealthy obsession with geometric figures. I guess it's very modern, and I love the clean lines that modernity brings. I like symmetry and orderliness and all things anal. Um...that came out wrong. Not all things anal...

Yet more squares. There's something so soothing about every square in its place. Plus, RED and BLACK. I don't think either of these colors would work in the living room I've designed in my head, but they're so calming to look at.

Rugs then led to bathroom vanities (what, you don't understand the correlation?) Notice the mirror? You can't even tell how it's attached to the wall! And the vanity is is Stunning and Floating and see how the white porcelain fits so perfectly into the wooden square?! BEAUTY DOES NOT HAVE TO SACRIFICE COUNTER SPACE, PEOPLE!

DUAL FLOATING SINKS?! *Fans face with folded newspaper* I've got the vapors! I think I need to go lay

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