Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We are colorful people.

Please, no lame last name color jokes, please. I may smile and laugh when you make these jokes in my presence, but be aware I am secretly choosing the best weapon for decapitation.

We took yesterday off work, prepared to sit by the phone all day waiting for a call from the gas company. We were pleasantly surprised that the phone rang closer to 8 a.m. than 4 p.m. However, it didn't ring long enough for Husband to answer the phone. The gas company may have promised us a half hour preparation period before the technician (?) would arrive, but we actually had about five minutes. Husband was desperately trying to call the gas company back when he watched the white truck drive up to the house. But, whatever, the heat is now on.

Yesterday, we also purchased blinds for the entire house, and I am more excited about these blinds than should be natural. The blinds are called "Cape Cod Roman Shades" in Golden Oak and our house is kind of a Cape Cod-ish style, I guess, so if we had a theme, I suppose that could be it. But we really don't have a theme, evidenced by the following paint samples we picked up at the local hardware store this weekend.

The store had really neat clear plastic sample rooms. You simply inserted your paint swatch behind the room to see what the finished product might look like. Here's the plastic kitchen without any color behind it:

Here's the kitchen with "Hollow Cavern" brown and "Belpink" cream. The cream is a little too rose-colored for my liking, so it will probably be closer to a neutral light tan. All of the trim in the house will probably be a warm white.

We are planning to paint one or two walls of the kitchen as well as the kitchen cabinets the dark, chocolatey brown to match the Riverstone Quartz countertop that I am completely in love with. The color is described as "Aspen." I just call it "Orgasm." Seriously, I might leave Husband for this countertop:

Husband and I both really liked this "Himalayan Eyes" blue color for our master bedroom. My scanner did a terrible job with these colors, so please trust me that this is not purple (again, stifle your color jokes). In person, the color swatch looks like more of a slate blue. With the white trim, I might have to nickname this room "Orgasm" instead. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

The following three colors are our ideas for our living room and two upstairs bedrooms. One of the upstairs bedrooms will serve as Husband's office for the time being (until we produce another human being who needs the space more). Hopefully, by that time, the basement will be finished and his office will be relocated there. In the meantime, just imagine these three colors for our living room. The first is "Boston Coastline," a muted blue-green:

The next is "Restoration Green," a brighter, more apple green (but not melt-your-eyes bright):

And finally, Husband's favorite, "Dynamic Forest," a darker, muted green (seriously, this scanner is crap). Husband thinks that the darker green color will be nice in a room with the television so there will be a more entertainment-friendly environment. I'm not yet sold on having such a dark color, but I am open to the idea and still trying to decide which colors I will be able to live with for the next several years. What are your thoughts, dear reader?


...Zac and Ashlie... said...

Love them all, honestly. I especially love the color for the master. I do believe it should aide in the production of a tiny Purple. That's not a color joke by any means. Bring on the babies!!!!

KittyMarie said...

Hahahaha...sooner or later!;-)