Monday, January 26, 2009


I'm annoyed today for no apparent reason. Perhaps it's just a collusion of many things going on in my life that have culminated into one big, fat annoyed feeling. Because my apparent purpose in life is to make you feel just as annoyed as I am, here's a laundry list, in no specific order.

I'm annoyed at the state of several of my friendships. I'm not necessarily annoyed at these people, I'm just annoyed that I've let myself lose touch. I really do miss them and feel guilty for not calling them (let's ignore, for the moment, the fact that they have not contacted me...perhaps they're just as annoyed as I am). I mean to call, and then my fat ass gets distracted by the shiny shiny television or some hunk of food, and I don't call. Plus, the telephone annoys me in general.

I'm annoyed that my bangs are in my eyes and, although I totally want to get a professional haircut and get some highlights, I don't want to spend the money, especially when my dear husband has subjected himself to my home head shavings for the past few months. My ends are split and my roots are dark and ugly, but it seems such a waste to PAY someone to make me slightly less horrendous when there is PAINT to buy and FLOORING to install (we'll get to this next).

I'm annoyed that it's been two weekends and we still haven't made a single inch of progress on our home remodel. The reason is that the heat has yet to be turned on. So, I'm either annoyed at the gas company because we have to be home ALL EFFING DAY during the workweek for them to turn it on, or that the weather isn't warm enough to facilitate a no-heat necessary renovation environment. If that made any sense at all.

I'm annoyed that I'm lusting after a giant, delicious Den pop when I should be drinking water or tea or some other non-caloric beverage. I'm annoyed that they are so INexpensive and yummy and I am so thirsty and doughey. In reality, I don't really think I'm that fat, but I think that other people think I should think that. Uhm...yeah. For a regular 8-5 desk worker, I'm pretty normal, if not un-defined in the muscle area. But I think other people think I should want to improve myself physically. And I probably should. But, actually, maybe I'm just annoyed at that whole situation in general. DON'T JUDGE ME AND MY LOVE OF CARBS! (I'm also annoyed at the caps lock key.)

I'm annoyed that I'm a whiny little bitch that needs to look on the effing bright side and get over it. So, the (rhetorical) question is, whaddya gonna do about it, punk?


Blind, Irish Pirate said...


Diosthocles said...

Maybe you should get rid of Facebook. That'll help make you feel less annoyed. ^_^*

I'm always a text away if you want to start some silly banter. I also will try to update my blog sometime this week. My A+ classes are requiring a lot of my time thanks to all the reading and lab simulations I have to do.

Wanna hang out on Friday? Here or there is fine with me just no damn bananagram.

KittyMarie said...

Actually, Facebook was the vehicle that started my annoyance at letting my friends go by the wayside...but I'm still addicted...

A new blog post would definitely perk my up, however. Husband finally posted something new, and I recommend checking out BlindIrishPirate's blog because she's a regular updater and I love her for it!

I'll talk to Husband about Friday. We could probably use a little break:)

...Zac and Ashlie... said...

1.) I too am annoyed that I have let my friendships turn into something a bit closer to 'acquaintances'. Yikes. It hurts my heart.
2.) You are not fat, or anywhere close to it. I love that you eat carbs, and if you didn't I would surely scold you!
3.) When my wee one gets through RSV season, and has some crazy strong lungs (This will take months, I'm afraid :( ...), I will most certainly make the trip up north and we shall have a date! The five of us!
4.) Is it strange that, once I reach a certain point of 'not calling', it makes me sick with nerves to think about calling? If that makes any sense at all...I hate that about me! Haha.