Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have a feeling that, like almost everything else in life, this whole "homeowner" business is really going to give me an edumacation. For example, last night I learned that house insurance is much, MUCH less expensive than car insurance. The disparity in the value of the objects was what initially struck me (house=très cher, cars=not expensive in the scheme of things...particulary the one that isn't running right now and that I would like to put into neutral and push off a cliff...). However, the liability is the difference. It's not like you're going to kill or maim someone by running over them with your Cape Cod. So, I learned.

I think I'm also going to have to learn (the hard way) to somehow stress less. Yesterday was a busy day of calling the loan officer and bank, repeatedly. Because our current bank hates us and wants us to suffer, they have no office hours that do not coincide with the time we are at work or commuting from work (they are also closed on Saturdays...). So, I've made my poor father my gopher. BUT, his name is no longer on the checking account (his name was on a previous savings account that we closed), so began the rigamarole of making sure he could fulfill his gopher duties without being arrested for being a fraud of some kind.

Add to that the fact that we may not even know the final total for the cashier's check until Thursday or Friday morning (yeah, we close at 1:30 Friday), and I'm more than just a little annoyed. I don't trust the competency of anyone we're working with, so I'm trying to have all my bases covered, but I'm sure I'm missing something. Besides, I've always been a bit...shall we say "highstrung?" I'm glad Husband is blissfully even-keeled.

We were able to take one final look inside the house last night, which calmed my internal frustration a little bit and got me extra excited for redecorating. For all of the anticipation followed by waiting, waiting, and more waiting, I really just cannot imagine a better home for our purposes or a better deal on said home. Things really are working out for the best, even if they didn't quite go according to my plan.

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