Tuesday, January 6, 2009


During our annual New Year's Eve celebration, a conscientious friend pointed out the fact that, sometimes, I ain't talk so good. Valid point, illustrated by my use of the garbled response, "Idnit?" (see: "Isn't it?") I guess that kind of vocabulary just comes with the Midwest territory.

Even if I ain't talk so good, I can at least try to write properly from time to time. I'm not a particularly mentally sharp person, but I would like to participate in more activities that dust the cobwebs off my frontal cortex. For my birthday I received a gift card to the mecca of readerly capitalism, Barnes & Noble. Husband spotted a word game he'd heard a co-worker speak of, called "Bananagrams." Scrabble-like letters come encased in a pouch shaped like, you guessed it, a banana. The players work independently to make their own personal crossword puzzle, rearranging the letters until all are used, the first person to finish being the winner. It has simple rules and is surprisingly fun! I would recommend the game to anyone! (Can I sound any more like a commercial?) Buy it today!


Kyle said...

I want to play bananagrams right now!

KittyMarie said...

Me too! Let's leave work and go play!