Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Fashion: Name Dropping

I'm not a designer name-dropper, in general. That's mostly because I'm terrible with names to begin with (that goes for you, too...uhm...friend). Plus, I just like what I like, usually not associating the creator with the created. But today I will make an exception. I'm sure I've featured the work of Orla Kiely in posts before, but today I will focus specifically on this designer who provides wonderful, colorful, graphic prints in every kind of household medium you can imagine!

I think I love Orla Kiely most because her things are ever so symmetrical. I love symmetrical things. She is delightful, delicious, AND de-lovely! Do enjoy!Etc Multi-Stem Mug for $16. Practical and pretty! This could almost turn me into a morning coffee drinker...almost...
She even designed a line for Target for all of us Dirty Normals! Like this Melamine 2-Tier Tray.
But what I really love, as I'm sure you could have guessed, is her bags and wallets. Take, for example, this Linear Stem Print Square Zip Wallet for $46.80. Orange you glad you saw this?

Oh, her gorgeous designs. This is Flower Blossom Wallpaper. You hang it on your walls. And then you never leave that room again.

Have a wonky, wacky, wonderful weekend, wee ones!

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