Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I promise a more text-based post someday soon on a concrete topic of worth with an overload of my amusing musings, but for now I just had to post about these rugs. Because I saw them, and they were so beautiful that I died. And then I came back to life.

These Amy Butler for Chandra rugs have resurrectional powers. I am in love with spun wool.

Chrysanthemum. Do the cats cost extra? This is off topic of textiles, but Husband and I recently watched Curse of the Golden Flower (which is a Chrysanthemum, hence, my thought transition). I highly recommend the movie (but beware of subtitles if you're not into reading and watching at the same time). It was a lot less Eastern Action and more Romance/Intrigue than I thought it would be, but it was kind of a nice change from the martial arts-centric movies of the same genre, like House of Flying Daggers or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, although all of these movies are visually stunning.

Caracas. It might be a little pink for most people, but is that ever a beautiful, intricate pattern! I want to lie down curled in the middle of that flower and take a nap.

AND THIS IS MY FAVORITE. This rug is the reason I had to post. The others, yes, lovely. This one, ohmygosh. Bright Buds. I don't know why, but the pattern, it speaks to me (and you thought I'd pick the damask, didn't you?). I'm not sure my life will be complete without this rug...


blind irish pirate said...

I got a little chilled watching the preview for "Curse." Thank you for the rec. Oh, and also for the "Bright Buds." I liked that one, too.

Kyle said...

This post really makes me want to make comments about carpets and drapes and matching. It's only because I'm really 13 years old.