Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday picker upper

This morning on my way to work I followed a large, smoke belching semi truck with the following sentence hand painted on the back end in baby blue paint:


I think it's Wednesday.


GeorgeDubya said...

That is every kind of awesome.

*Grabs some paint and a paintbrush and runs out to his car*

KittyMarie said...

I know, this semi truck driver can teach us all so much about proper grammar and punctuation. He is a gift to society.

Matty said...

not only proper grammar and punctuation, but he also serves as a lesson to all us men looking to meet a pretty lady. why focus on meeting and treating a potential mate well and with respect, when you can implore strangers to flash their goods on the highway?! what a stellar guy, that driver!

Katherine said...

I must agree. I contemplated forgoing my usual prudish manner and flashing my lady parts at the gentleman, but as a married woman I thought the better of it. Plus, it would have taken some vehicular manipulation that I, as a simple-minded female, would not have been able to accomplish!